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Welcome to my site druberrymore.net the only place where you will find my all new and exclusive XXX hardcore content.  My website offers an opportunity for me to turn my fantasies into reality for your viewing pleasure.  In "Dru's Playground" you can explore my extensive and arousing collection of erotic photo galleries and video's.  The Playground was designed to be navigated easily through the lush landscape of sexuality. In all of my scorching categories I strive to uncover the topic of sex.  Weather it be a boy girl, girl girl, solo masturbation or friends set, either in the photo gallery or video gallery, I anticipate your satisfaction. However, if your desires are simply not found within my site then please go to the Contact Me page and send me an email expressing all of your wishes and I will eagerly attempt to satisfy your indulgence in future sets.   For those of you who just canít wait then check out my Custom Videos page for the ultimate extravagance in a high quality XXX video produced just for you. 

My on line Store has a colorful assortment of sexy items from my personal lingerie sets, costumes Iíve worn on set to products I love that make play time more exhilarating.  My goal is to keep you on the cutting edge of whatís hot in the adult toy market.  I travel all over the world and have found amazing products for you to discover. With technology moving so quickly I canít wait to see what Iíll find next.  I am also working on my own lingerie line called ďBearla WareĒ due out sometime in 2009.  You will also find all sorts of fan stuff like autograph cards, and Original Dru Berrymore artwork.

Take a look around and donít be shy.  You will find out all sorts of tidbits about me and my friends not to mention that youíll see some tidbits too!  I hope you enjoy my site, with sinful indulgence of coarse, as much as I do.


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